Who we are

Arvee Group was established in 2014. We are developing our business of government-subsidized houses.
Since the establishment of Arvee Group, we have made these objectives as a motivation to keep growing bigger so we can continue to provide benefits to society. So far we have built low-cost housing for lower middle-income communities so that they gain access to affordable and proper housing to live in. This program is of fully supported by the government, especially by the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing.
Our target is to equalize the development of low-cost housing to all areas in Java so that more families can have their dream home.


Consistently maintaining good partnerships with stakeholders.


Consistently delivering the best results.


Consistently keeping the trust of stakeholders.

Leading Edge

Consistently looking out for more forefront and innovative opportunities.


Having good synergies and relationships both internally and externally.


Being committed and acting in accordance with the applicable values and rules.

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